Saturday, December 11, 2010

A note from Mme. de Pompadour!!

Chers Amis ,  I had been wanting to write Mme. Wayne Wrightsman for several years to thank her for her "work" collecting high style French furniture, architectural interiors and fine art.  The Wrightsman Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum in NY contain the finest completely furnished 18th century French rooms in America.

Well, I finally did write her and let her know that her "work" at the high style level had had a "trickle down" effect in that it had been a great  inspiration to me in my "work" which was certainly not at a "high style" level.  I included photos of "the tower" and #3 Place du Duche which she seems to have much enjoyed.  At 91 years of age, she is the most knowledgeable authority on French furniture , interiors, and painting, living in America and like her near double, Mme de Pompadour has owned more beautiful objects in her life time than any living person.  I was very touched and extremely pleased to read her note.


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Mes Amities,
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