Friday, September 30, 2011

"Professor" Smith returns from Provence

Chers Amis du l'Ecole du Bon Gout, Bonjour encore de la Louisiane!! I have just returned from 2 months of the magical life so readily available in Provence. There were lots of opportunities there to experience and learn from various versions of serious "Bon Gout". These venues included many wonderful lunch or supper parties with friends, either "chez moi" or at various friend's homes with delicious fresh summer dishes being served. There were garden visits which usually included a "gouter" of some yummy desert and champagne, as well as French period movie screenings accompanied by a light supper or simple "gouter".

Oh and by the way, I was also very successful collecting many equally delicious antiques which will arrive here in a shipment about the end of November.

Find here a few photos that give a taste of both my visit in Provence and just a few of the many "Bon Gout "antique pieces coming in the shipment. I took very good photos of all the pieces of this shipment, so if you just can't wait till the end of November, I would be happy to show you these photos and discuss your current needs. Phone # 337 332 2852. Also you may visit the web site to see some of the ample current stock at

Mes Amities,
Robert E. Smith

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Mes Amities,
Robert E. Smith   (337) 332-2852