Friday, November 26, 2010

Trip to NY

Chers Amis,  My recent trip to New York was FLAWLESS BON GOUT!!!!  The weather was great , leaves on the trees multicolored, and my accommodations at my neighbor in France , Betty Jane Bart's yummy 87th st. apartment , furnished with museum quality 17th and 16th C antiques was a dreamy experience in itself !!!!

The very top best visual treats for me, were at the Metropolitan, Frick and Cloisters museums!!   These abound with hard to believe quantities of superb European art treasures and furniture spanning in age back to the time of the Pharohs !!

At the Met. we had a personal tour of the Wrightsman galleries by Mme. Cynthia Moyer who is conservator of gold leaf objects of the Metropolitan.  Before our lunch in the trusties dining room overlooking the obelisk in Central park, we visited  her laboratory where she had several large and splendid frames under restoration. Next we visited the adjacent painting restoration lab where we saw a Rembrandt being cleaned of its old varnish as well as many other paintings by major artists in for restoration.

The first night Betty gave an elegant dinner at here apartment. Guests besides myself and Mark Kantrow, whom I had flown in with, and by chance another "neighbor" of ours from near Uzes, Barbara Ther who was in N Y with her charming nephew.

Photos following start with 3 of Betty's apartment( the photos look like views in a museum), then Betty at the Cloisters in her true time/style  zone, then various photos ending with a portrait at the Met of the mid 18th c Duc d'Uzes.

No one seemed to notice me fussing and shaking my finger at him for having demolished the front two thirds of #3 Place de Duche in the mid 18th c .  He was embarrassed, I could tell, and mumbled something like "Didn't I realize it was nicer to have an open Place in front of my house too!"  

Mes Amities,

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