Monday, April 27, 2015

Abundance in Uzege!

Bonjour d'Uzés! Springtime in the Uzége area is all about abundance!! There are over the top sunsets, wisteria vines blooming in fantastic profusion, mountains of freshly dug asparagus at the markets as well as the tastiest strawberries imaginable!!

Cordialement, Robert d'Uzés

Monday, April 20, 2015

The "old" ancient regime rooms at the Louvre.

Chers Amis de L’Ecole du Bon Goût, Bonjour! A few blogs back our subject was the splendid “new” decorative arts of the ancient regime rooms at the Musée Louvre which I had visited in October. 

In January, I was back at the Louvre and I of course revisited those rooms again, but also visited the “old” rooms of 17th century furniture and decorative arts which are adjacent to them. These few but large rooms are also totally loaded with top level “Patrimoines de France” treasures. They are rich in Boulle furniture, splendid tapestries, porphyry vases, Savonnerie carpets, and on and on....... !

So the next time you find yourself in Paris, give yourself a “full-on Bon Goût day” and visit both suites of rooms! Until then, see below some photos of the “old” rooms to whet you appetite!

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