Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our light experiences

     Chers Amis de L'Ecole du Bon Gout., Bonjour d'Uzes!! Here in Provence, ( Where many of the impressionist painters chose to live with good reason!! ) the sun light has a unique quality which infuses everything it touches with a special richness and liveliness which is best experienced in person to be appreciated! For me, candle light, in its own unique way, gently infuses a special richness and lively glow to all it touches by night. Additional "bon gout" rewards are achieved as this candle light is reflecting off of the bronze dore surfaces of the fixtures themselves or when this light is transmuted by the crystal prisms.

     Today, in our modern daily life, we have many diverse and largely unpleasant artificial lighting experiences. ( I. E. florescent lights, TV and computer screens, auto head lights,.........!) Because we have to function in our modern world with these "realities", I think the best antidote is to enjoy the benefits of candle light and soft artificial lighting when one is at home. These more "nourishing" forms of lighting, can be further enhanced if the source is a beautiful antique fixture, which in itself is a work of art and a joy to look at by day or by night!

     Last week, I visited one of my top favorite museums, Musse Vouland in Avignon, to see a special summer exhibition of antique chandeliers and candlesticks. In this very tasty exhibit, which dated from Gothic to late 19th century, the fixtures were presented hanging at eye level like works of art, which of course they certainly are!!

     Find attached here four photos capturing light in Provence by day and night, as well as six photos showing only some of the extensive stock of antique lighting fixtures now at Au Vieux Paris Antiques in Breaux Bridge. Treat yourself to a visit in person or visit our web site at , now updated with videos svp!!

Merci Cordialement, Robert E Smith

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