Thursday, September 15, 2016

30% discount "THANK YOU" to those TRUE friends!!

Chers Amis de L'École du Bon Gout!


As a "THANK YOU" to all those really TRUE friends who have come to the rescue of flood survivors, I would like to extend the 30% discount on all merchandise (except flooring), not only to those with flooded homes and businesses, but also to those who have contributed to this huge complex rescue effort by housing and cleaning and caring for those actually flooded.

With grueling flood recovery still ongoing full tilt even a month now after the flood, maybe some happy treats and rewards would be welcomed at this time!

Plan a visit in person to the shop or visit our website!

Merci Cordialement,

Robert E. Smith

Au Vieux Paris Antiques
1040 Henri Penne Rd
Breaux Bridge LA 70517

Friday, September 9, 2016

30% discount to Flood Survivors!!

Chers Amis de l'Ecole du Bon Gout!

  Southern Louisiane was hit by an unprecedented flood with waters entering tens of thousands of homes and businesses!!!

  I too had the basement of my tower home at Lake Martin flooded as well as an inch of water over the floor of my little Maison du Dimanche on the grounds of Au Vieux Paris Antiques.  Fortunately the shop remained above water.  So compared to tens of thousands of other residents I am "getting off easy"!!

   As a special gesture of my gratitude for not being drastically damaged, I am offering a 30% discount on any item (except flooring) purchased by flood survivors as well as on gifts purchased to be given to flood survivors!!

  With so very many people grieving for having literally "lost everything" I trust this is a happy opportunity.

Mes Amities,

Robert E. Smith

Au Vieux Paris Antiques

1040 Henri Penne Rd
Breaux Bridge LA 70517

This was just a "photo taste"of the extensive and diverse stock here at Au Vieux Paris Antiques!

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Hand Blown Glass Celebration!!!

25% off SALE!!  August 9th through August 16th

Chers Amis de l'Ecole du Bon Gout,  


         With temperatures here in Louisiane and elsewhere, in the 90's day after day, one needs to be careful to hydrate! Drinking a glass of lemonade out of a plastic cup is just not the same experience as drinking it out of a 19th century hand blown and hand panel cut stemmed glass!

           With summer comes the urge to entertain friends and through the coarse of a party, several different forms of glassware need to be called into use! In Provence you are usually greeted upon arrival with a flute of champagne. Then at dinner, there are wine and water glasses employed. After dinner possibly a liqueur is offered. This just covers the glassware used personally and doesn't mention the serving containers involved!

Here at Au Vieux Paris there is a wide selection of 18th and 19th century glassware to suit most all your needs!

Come by during this 25% off celebration, August 9th through August 16th, and  treat yourself or stock up on gifts for those special occasions in the future!

Merci cordialement,  

Robert E. Smith
Au Vieux Paris Antiques
1040 Henri Penne Rd.
Breaux Bridge La, 70517

Bocal Jars 18th and 19th century, great for presenting fruits in alcohol, sangria or just some humble lemonade.

A rare model of champagne flutes.

Rare matching 18th century wine and water carafes. 

Left we have 18th century bocal jars.
On the right, is a detail mid 18th century painting by Chardin.  

Shadows on the Teche pattern

Shadows on the Teche champagne flutes, our most popular model. 

Rare suite of five matching carafes, 19th century.

Huge apothecary jar and a rare amber demi john.

Left, is a suite of six 18th century "thimbles" 
On the right is a detail from a mid 18th century painting by Chardin.

Panel cut heavy bistro glasses

Plain, heavy bistro glasses.

"V" panel cut stemware is also a popular model. 

So invite your neighbors over from the Chateau next door and have a party celebrating glassware!