Monday, December 13, 2010

Visit au camellias, Avery's Island, La.

Chers Amis,  Yesterday, I was one of a few lucky guests for lunch at Mme. Lisa Osborne's soon to be complete home at Avery's Island.  Even though it was chilly, we wore our coats and ate in the sunshine on the 2nd story gallery over looking the surrounding forest with views of Vermillion Bay shimmering in the great distance.

After lunch we took a great walk around the island with the "mission" of studying the camellia collection assembled by E A. McIlhenny in the late 19th and early 20th century.  We started in "Jungle Gardens" which, though truly splendid with numerous acres of hundreds of multi century live oak trees and ponds is also home to a few thousand camellia bushes.

Next we ventured into the abandoned camellia nursery of Mr. E. A., where countless rows of thousands camellias have been basically unattended for over 50 years. The camellias didn't seem to mind very much being unattended and now sharing their "rows" with native trees and giant bamboo that had volunteered amongst them and which had grown to an over story of 75 feet tall.   The bushes were blooming and were in similar shape to those we saw in the Jungle Gardens.

All in all the day was a celebration of what is so really delicious about living in Louisiana and a great send off for me, as I leave for my other "French life" in Uzes on Saturday.

I trust you also have some splendid winter plans of your own to celebrate here on this ever abundant planet!!  Meanwhile, please enjoy these photos of yesterday's "mission". 

Mes Amities,

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