Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Exercise your creative expression by “accessorizing”!

Chers Amis de l’Ecole du Bon Gout, Bonjour d'Uzes! After enjoying Jean DeJean’s new book "PARIS", I decided to reread another of her books “The Essence of Style: How the French Invented High Fashion ,.......” ”.

Of the many topics she illuminates, I found the “new” 17th century development of “accessorizing” ones outfits most interesting. Certainly in women’s fashion and to a lessor degree today for men, the use of “accessories” gives the individual the freedom by which to exercise their innate creativity, individuality and really personalize their appearance.

What struck me is this same scenario is also at work in “accessorizing” a home!!! After acquiring a new home, the owner has a fairly “blank canvas” and using the furniture, lighting fixtures, carpets, drapes and art, he or she can personalize a one of a kind home statement! Also when time passes and you feel a need for a change at home, just like in your wardrobe, you change a few “accessories” for a new look and feel to suit your new desires for home living!

If you are in need of a bit of exercise in personal expression to up date your home to your new ideas for home expression, come see the new shipment just in at Au Vieux Paris Antiques SVP! See attached here photos of just a few “accessories” to get your creative juices flowing!!!

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