Friday, July 11, 2014

PARIS , The first modern city!

Chers Amis de L’Ecole du Bon Gout!  Bonjour!  I have just finished reading another tantalizing and amazingly perceptive book by Jean DeJean, entitled “How Paris became PARIS”.

Of the many subjects she addresses in her portrait of 17th century Paris becoming the worlds first modern city, under the inspired guidance of Louis XIV, is the first ever urban street lighting!    In 1662, after pioneering “torch bearers for hire” on many streets, Louis XIV could see “safety and commercial prosperity went hand in hand”.  Therefore in the year 1667, he had installed 2736 candlelight lanterns positioned on 912 streets!  Even though financing of this was truly exorbitant, home and business owners happily paid the new tax to support this project because the results were so very obvious!

Paris had become the safest and the most beautiful city in the world!  The original “Ville Lumiere” (City of Lights) SVP!   The fallouts were far reaching for all concerned!  The city’s residents of all classes, incomes and stations could mix and socialize safely after dark for the very first time, which equaled increased business for shops, cafes, and restaurants .  The “fashion industry” got a huge boost too with the increased need of all the “greatest and latest” finery with which to present oneself in this new nighttime venue of “mixing”.    By 1705, there were 5470 lanterns in use and Louis’ dream was a reality: a city that was “a place dedicated to pleasure”, where it was “possible to eat and drink in public establishments until all hours” and “even walk and dance” in public till 4:00 in the morning!”

Louis’ dream for Paris being “a place of pleasure” could also come true in your very own home!  Night lighting is transformative, changing the ambiance of a room from blah to truly MAGIC!   I recommend of course glorious antique French chandeliers, sconces, candelabras and candle sticks for this transformation!  Besides the diverse stock here now, at the end of this month, the shipment will add 7 “new” chandeliers, 7 “new” pairs of wall sconces, as well as a bevy of great 18th and 19th c candelabra and candle sticks!  So have Louis’ dream become a reality for you and make your own house a true “Maison Lumiere”, elegant, sophisticated, luxurious and so pleasurable to live and entertain in!
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