Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Chers Amis du Bon Gout,  Bonjour d'Uzes!!  Even though we are continuing to enjoy incredibly sunny "Spring like" days here drawing us outside, I have been doing several indoor decorating projects.

A few years ago I was successful in changing the yellow color of the damask upholstery of the head and foot board of a bed into a blueish green color which then matched an antique velvet bedspread I had acquired.  This was accomplished by sponging on a mixture of ordinary latex matte wall paint and water.  Remembering this, I decided to take on the transformation of two pairs of Louis XIII armchairs, which had machine-made "tapestry" upholstery from the 1940s and 1960s in rather "faux du gout" shades of orange.  To have a successful transformation by this means, the choice of the color is all important.  I chose a "vert olive" ( medium toned, muted olive green). My idea was to tone down the existing upholstery and end up with a look that would coordinate with the colors of the large early 18th century tapestry which is a dominate feature in the room.   Using a mixture of about 1 part paint to 4 parts water, I applied the paint mixture with a sponge.  For the bed I had totally soaked the fabric with the mixture and ended with a solid color.  For the chairs I rubbed the mixture on more sparingly allowing a good bit of the original fabric color to come through which gave an "aged tapestry look" to the fabric.   This procedure only makes sense if both the existing finished and under upholstery structure is in good condition.  Today there are many great fabrics available in traditional patterns which are even more affordable now than 10 or so years ago , so reupholstering  seat furniture with new fabric is obviously still a very good and easy option. 

At Au Vieux Paris Antiques there is a very good selection of large and comfortable armchairs and some sets of 6 to 8 dining chairs now on hand.

Find following, 5 photos of my "transformation" projects here, followed by 7 photos of seat furniture available at  Au Vieux Paris Antiques.

Give us a call for a visit , SVP.   337 332 2852

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Mes Amities,
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