Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Richness of Antique Textiles!

Chers Amis,   Bonjour students of Bon Gout!!     There is a unique "old world" richness and feeling that just happens when you use antique textiles in your décor, that doesn’t seem to happen by any other means!  No matter whether it is an entire wall paved with a fabulous antique tapestry or just a few throw pillows on the sofa, these textiles "season" the space like just the right spice does in a gumbo!  In the middle ages through to the end of the 18th c most chateaux in France had the walls of their major reception rooms completely covered with tapestries, finished fabrics or straw matting!  This is certainly the most deluxe approach, however just some isolated panels of fine fabric, hung loosely on the wall can also make quite a strong statement.  Fabric panels are also great for highlighting framed engravings as they add color and texture and in the end achieve this "old world" warmth infused into the room's décor.   Rugs have long been the mainstay of decorators to achieve affects of this nature, however I propose that the walls are not to be overlooked because they are also quite a viable venue in this regard.

Find following for your inspiration, five photos of some finished installations in France as well as ten photos of some of the tapestries, finished fabric and rugs available now at Au Vieux Paris Antiques.  Please plan a visit soon to see these items as well as other items newly arrived from my winter trip to France.

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