Friday, June 24, 2011

Buy the real thing and save $250,000

Chers Amis,  Bonjour de Au Vieux Paris Antiques!!!      I have just read the most splendid "catalog" for the Getty Museum's current exhibition entitled "Paris: Life and Luxury" which is at the Getty now but will be shown in Houston's Museum of Fine Arts Sept 18 to Dec 10.  I strongly recommend both the catalog as well as a Museum visit to students of "Bon Gout".  They are both top connoisseur level and about as delicious as the Paris of the eighteenth century gets. To purchase the book call the Getty book shop at : 310 440 7059.  Both the exhibition and book feature great 18th c paintings of Louis XV interiors, juxtaposed with actual items very similar to those seen in the paintings.

Well, find here photos using the same format but with items that are for sale here in the shop. So you see you could buy real 18th century wine glasses, green glass preserve jars, a silver plated bronze "rechaud", a bois dore stool or a game table here and have the real thing instead of paying $250,00 to $350,000 for a Chardin painting of one of these items.  What a savings!!!!

I look forward to your visit.    

Mes Amities,
Robert E. Smith

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Mes Amities,
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