Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Day

Chers Amis,  Bonjour and early happy Valentines Day.   This holiday provides a great opportunity to "STOP" and let the special people in your life know that they are integral to your daily happiness and hold a very meaningful part in your world.  These people can include a "significant other" as well as dear friends who you share your real life with.    Certainly you can express these thoughts with words in a phone call or a card, but a three dimensional expression is always welcomed and also serves as a lasting daily reminder of your appreciation!!

If you are at a lost for what to give your "significant other" this year, (having already in past years given the four dozen roses, or the ten pound box of Fauchon chocolates or the case of 1929 Krug champagne,) you might consider a "one of a kind" antique treasure for your "one of a kind" "significant other"!!!!!

Find following photos of a few tasty items just to get your imagination working.  Inspired custom gift wrapping is always provided here at A V P .  On two occasions I have sent out Valentine gifts packed only with fresh rose petals!!!  Are you inspired????
Mes Amities,

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Mes Amities,
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