Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Formula for magical living!

Chers amis,  Having just returned from a dream summer in Provence, that was filled with  magical experiences every day, I have been trying to explain to my friends here what made it such a splendid adventure in living.  Well, after some reflection, I realized it was almost like a basic "formula" repeated with numerous variations .  This "formula" could be reduced to : great weather, tasty and beautiful fresh summer meals in substantial architectural or garden settings  250 to 400 years old that were well appointed with great antiques and art, this all populated with easy going happy hosts/hostesses and very appreciative guests. Sometimes it was a Saturday lunch under the dappled shade on a terrace, and sometimes a seated dinner, that always by candle light (candle light is another important  part of the "formula"),  but the "formula" was the same. Some dinners were further enlivened by live music or the screening of period movies.  I guess you could reduce the "formula" to just : "a life experiencing beauty with all of the scenes". 

Mes Amities,

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