Friday, June 20, 2014

Time to have MAGIC dining !!

Chers Amis de L’Ecole du Bon Gout, Bonjour!

Ones attitude about “time” is very flexible. Today many people live like they have a “poverty of time”! What gets one to that place is debatable! One possibility could be: our expectations of instant everything, conditioned by all our “electronic helpers” from the push button washing machine, all the way to the computer which has sent this email all round the world in a few seconds!

Somehow in Provence, there seems to be a different “reality of time”. Maybe it is just as simple as choosing different priorities for the use of “time”! Somehow “finding” time to enjoy visiting with friends is quite possible. Having one or even several friends over for a lunch or dinner party is the principle form of entertainment in Uzege in my group of friends and it happens often!!

The food for these entertainments can be as simple as a fresh vegetable salad or if one likes to be creative in the kitchen, more complex dishes could be chosen.

What really makes these events magic is: the beautiful room setting itself, some well chosen background music, the table set with flowers, candles, a spread of great china, silver flatware, hand blown glasses and nice linens! With all these “support elements” working their magic, you could serve a good canned soup and everyone would feel they had been treated to a very special and extraordinary moment!

In my July shipment, there will be some of the nicest “support elements” for dining, that I have had in years! See the following photos of dining entertainments in Provence to get you inspired, followed by photos of some of the “dining support” antiques arriving soon!

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