Friday, May 9, 2008

Period candlelit chandeliers and sconces

Bonjour and welcome to today's visit to l'Ecole du Bon Goût.  Today's subject is period candlelit chandeliers and sconces.  Today, in the average day we are usually subjected to lighting experiences which are of a totally new nature: i.e. florescent light, widescreen television images, computer screens images, and even strobe lights if you happen to be running a red light in your car.  Well, after a day in the 21st century jungle of “aggressive light abrasions,” I recommend coming home to candlelight for its therapeutic as well as aesthetic rewards.  However, if candle light is not for you every night of the week, most chandeliers can be wired so that you can have them offer electrical light (on a dimmer S.V.P.) and not negate the possibility of using real wax candles too (think Saturday night dinner party after a whole week of 21st century light abuse).

Here at Au Vieux Paris Antiques, as well as Patrick Dunne’s shops Lucullus Antiques in Breaux Bridge and New Orleans, one can find a wide selection of period chandeliers, sconces and candlesticks in various styles to choose from.  So light up your world and life with a period fixture and feel more relaxed and at ease enjoying le bon goût.

Below, see a photographic montage of six different fixtures of various styles now in stock at Au Vieux Paris Antiques.  Also, see a photo showing the impact the right period lighting fixtures can make even when they are not lit.

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Mes Amities,
Robert E. Smith

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Mes Amities,
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