Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pavillon Coté Sud Now Open!

Chers Amis de Bon Gout! Bonjour!

Today I am thrilled to announce the Pavillon Coté Sud sample show room of building materials is complete and ready for visitors here at Au Vieux Paris Antiques!

You will be able to see different flooring materials ranging from handmade, 18th century terra cotta floor tiles in two colors, along with a selection of several hand aged re-edition quarried stone dalle or bar flooring in various colors, textures and formats.

A spectacular handmade and aged re-edition of parquet de Versailles flooring is available for your reception rooms as well as pavé
 (cobblestone) for your driveway and parking areas. 

There is a selection of 18th century fireplace mantles in wood, stone or marble, as well as 18th century interior doors to enhance your rooms with tasty Provençal bon gout.

To top off your home, you will see 19th century handmade Roman barrel terra cotta roof tiles for that signature Provençal l

Please plan a visit here soon to see, touch and appreciate 
in person these very special materials.

Mes Amitiés,
Robert E. Smith

Au Vieux Paris Antiques


The September 2015
Blog was devoted to flooring!!

Classic 18th C. handmade "red" terra cotta floor tiles

Somewhat rare "yellow" terra cotta floor tiles

Re-edition aged stone with marble cabochons

Re-edition quarried stone, each piece aged by hand for one hour

The upper right quadrant is a newly made panel of parquet de Versailles which matches the mid-18th century panels in the other three quadrants.

Note newly made panel on top of a mid-18th century parquet de Versailles floor

One of a faux pair of wall cupboard units from the large selection of interior doors available

Split granite pavé or cobblestone for driveways and parking

Handmade 19th century “Roman barrel” roofing tiles

A cast iron fireback with the blazon of the royal house of Bourbon;
fourteen firebacks in stock to choose from.

Please visit soon!

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