Friday, May 2, 2014

Louis XV ?? or Louis XVI ???

Chers Amis de L'Ecole du Bon Gout. Bonjour d'Uzes!

     If you look in the background of the first photo below , you will see, in a painting of the Marquis de Marigny, a bronze dore wall sconce which because of its obvious neoclassical design, would be labeled as "Louis XVI style" by most knowledgeable antique collectors. I propose this label needs to be rethought! The painting is dated 1769 and Louis XV is still alive and the king of France until 1774, SVP!

     Being "Director General of Royal Buildings , Gardens, Art, Academies, and Manufactories" made Marigny the most influential style setter of his time, second only possibly to his sister Mme. de Pompadour!! In 1749 he had taken, in the company of the architect Soufflot, the draftsman Cochin and the Abbe LeBlanc, a grand study tour of the ancient monuments of Italy. This "new" firsthand knowledge of the architecture and decorative arts of the ancient world was then infused into the architecture and decorative arts of France. The designs seen in these sconces, the Petite Trianon and even my next door neighbor here in Uzes, the Hotel de Ville (completed in 1772) are all a direct result of this infusion. In my opinion this style could be more accurately labeled: "Late Louis XV style"!

     See following photos of several very similar "Late Louis XV style" sconces, as well as some models with more completely "vegetal" forms of the Louis XV style, now in stock or coming in the summer shipment from here.

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