Friday, April 25, 2014

"Change is a good thing!"

Chers Amis de L'Ecole du Bon Gout, Bonjour, Yes! Change helps us see with "new eyes" our everyday surroundings. Changes in the seasons gives us a heightened ability to appreciate the qualities of each new season! We have just arrived, after what was a cold winter, to be more appreciative of the glories of spring's weather, flowers, etc.!!

In eighteenth century interior décor, there also was a tradition of having major changes in sequence with the seasons. There is an 18th century gold snuff box, at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC, which has a very detailed painting on one side showing a lavish salon in summer "dress" and on the other side, the same room in winter "dress". Here one sees an extreme case where not only the seat upholstery, curtains and rugs were being changed out, but also there was a change of the parquet flooring to another different pattern of parquet flooring!! Now this is a true bon gout seasonal transformation for sure!

Regarding seat furniture, the "mechanism" which made their seasonal changes quite easy, involved detailing the chairs and sofas with easily removable back and seat cushions. Such furniture would be called "à châssis". Some of the finished fabric choices for these sets of interchangeable cushions could be tapestry, velour frappe, damask, leather, or for summer there could even have been a set of inserts of caning which would have been a comfortable choice for those warm summer nights!

At Au Vieux Paris Antiques , we are happy to offer for the very first time, a set of six Louis XV, walnut, "chaise à châssis" seen in the photos to follow. Their large size (H 39¼" W 20½" D 20") indicates they were probably part of a set of seat furniture for a salon, however they would also be great as chairs around the dining table. Plan a visit soon to see these rare models as well as the rest of the current stock of bon gout!

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