Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gratitude for 2013! +++Trust in 2014!!

Chers Amis de l'Ecole du Bon Goût! Bonne Fête d'Uzès!

Today I was reviewing what I am grateful for having experienced in 2013! Besides the most important subjects of good health and great friends, I think the next on the list would be being able to live in Louisiane 6 months of the year and Uzès for the other 6 months of the year! In both places I am most grateful to occupy residences which are not only located on amazing sites, but are brimming with bon goût inside and out! The Louisiane and Uzès "lives" certainly offer different opportunities, but they have one thing in common: bon goût living environments which are nourishing to my eyes, mind and heart! See following a panache of 2013 photos in these two locations!

I trust that you too have had many blessings in 2013 for which you are grateful! Let us celebrate them and all trust that 2014 will be a year blessed with health, kindness, laughter and love!! ( and lots of Bon Goût !!!!)

Robert E. Smith

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