Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Chers Amis, Bonjour!!   During my recent stay in Uzes, my winter time next door neighbor, Lambert O'Neil, came over one night bringing a chicken dish for our supper, cooked with preserved lemons, green olives,whole garlic toes, dried figs and onions.  Well the predominate taste thrill was that of the preserved lemons!!  I was "hooked"!!!   I asked my friend in Nashville, Lisa Manning for her recipe so I could make my own and have a ready supply!! Besides being a taste treat, a jar or two of these is also a very "Bon Gout" visual addition to your kitchen décor!!    Enjoy!       Cordialement, Robert

Lisa II's Preserved Lemons

Cut whole, washed lemons in quarters from tip to almost tip leaving the end to keep fruit intact.

Make a mixture of coarse organic sea salt and spices you wish to impart. Fennel, peppercorns, and coriander seeds are most commonly used. Generously "heap" your salt mixture into inside of lemon trying to cover each part. Place in bottom of clamp-top jar or jar with tight fitting lid. Pack lemons as tight as possible and with each layer of lemons, add fresh bay leaves and cinnamon sticks to the sides of the jar for decoration as well as flavor. Top with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Turn upside down several times once or twice a day to mix liquids. Lemons will be ready for use in one month and
last for two years. Mixture does not need to be refrigerated. It will become cloudy.

Voila! I use for a variety of tagine Moroccan dishes, for seasoning couscous, for lamb or chicken dishes, etc. Some slightly rinse piece to be used but I use as is and omit salt.


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