Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This is "Bon Gout" too?!?!?!

Chers Amis du l'Ecole du Bon Gout, Bonjour d'Uzes !! You may think the hot sun here in Provence has fried Professor Smith's brain when you read this, but I actually have been wanting to address this touchy subject for some time. Artificial flowers!! I think they can be "bon Gout"!! They are not a modern occurrence SVP!!

M. Denis Diderot , saw the necessity to address the fabrication of artificial flowers in his master work " L'Encyclopedie" published 1751 to 1756. He devoted numerous pages to this subject, two of which I have pictured here. In New Orleans, there were adds in the first decade of the 19th C in the news paper "The Bee", offering interested parties lessons in making artificial flowers. Today one can find extremely realistic artificial flowers, some of which even feel quite real to the touch!! My advice for success when using artificial flowers begins with their careful selection. Choose flowers and leafy greens in textures, colors and color variations that reproduce accurately those of the "real" species they are meant to reproduce. i.e. : No blue roses SVP. After a careful choice of the container, in scale with its final location, I begin the arrangement with the leafy greens, followed by the flowers, starting with the smallest blooms and progressing to the largest blooms. A few petals or single bloom "fallen" to the table below the arrangement, can add a convincing and poetic touch. Scenting the arrangements with the essential oils is also a very nice idea. Even though I have numerous artificial arrangements about the house, I still very much enjoy having some fresh cut flower arrangements too. 

After you have installed several time saving artificial arrangements about your home, perhaps you will have the time for a visit to Au Vieux Paris Antiques. After the photos regarding the subject of artificial flowers, find some photos from the shop to further tempt you out for a visit!!

Merci cordialement, Robert

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