Monday, March 26, 2012

Is less really "more" ??????

Chers Amis de l' Ecole du Bon Gout!!!   Bonjour!!  The April issue of Vanity Fair magazine had two adds which came as a delightful surprise for me to see in a contemporary magazine!!   What made them surprising was their use of very bon gout 17th and E.18th century French antiques in deluxe 18th century architectural settings.   Evidently the stylists for these two bastions of "bon gout", Chanel and Patek Philippe, realize that maybe the antique deprived, "less is more", "industrial modern" look one sees featured in most home décor magazines today is not their choice to promote their high end couture creations.  Since I no longer subscribe to any décor magazines, I have more time to read, look at and really enjoy my books on antiques, period architecture and gardens.

Find attached here photos of the two adds followed by photos of the covers of some of my top favorite books. Some books are fairly new and in print and the others you can find inexpensively on used book sites like  or  or .      Why have "less" when you can have "more"!!!!  More what ??  Decors using antiques include more interesting, diverse and tasty materials , more historical associations and regional context, more long range investment value, more intellectual content, more possibilities for true personalization of your home, more........joie de vivre et bon gout !!!!!!

Mes Amities,
Robert E. Smith

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