Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beauty of Ages Past

Chers Amis,   Bonjour!  A shipment of "Bon Gout" ( Think : French culture, history and beauty from ages past crystillized it material objects you can own and enjoy living with) has arrived here at Au Vieux Paris!  Find here a sample photos of some of this diverse selection, which I found mainly in Provence.

Plan a visit soon to taste and enjoy these discoveries for yourself . The weather is now delicously fallish so enjoy it while it is here with a visit to Breaux Bridge! (Also think lunch at Cafe Des Amis and a visit to Patrick Dunne's shop which will soon have a "new" shipment in too.)

If you can't visit in person soon, visit the web site at or please call me(337-332-2852) if you have a special marcel of "Bon Gout" you have been looking for, that I may help you add to your enjoyment of life.

Quote of the day from Peter Thornton's The Domestic Interior : "By 1670  it was widely recognized that the French had a special talent for contriving elegant and comfortable settings for a civilized existence and by the end of the century, French supremacy in this field was even more evident."  No wonder we love "Bon Gout "from ages past so much!!

Cordialement,   Robert

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Mes Amities,
Robert E. Smith   (337) 332-2852

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