Monday, November 3, 2008


With the welcoming of cool fall days and the anticipation of cold winter nights ahead, today's subject is the fireplace.  Even if you have central heating, the fireplace of any room is that room's focal point and the place that first catches the eye when you walk in.  It also usually sets the tone, scale and style of the room.  The mantle itself is usually the most important element; however, this is usually supported visually and functionally by andirons, a cast iron fire back, fire tools, wood box, etc.  The mantle itself can be a veritable "altar" of Bon Gout!  Candlesticks, books, vases of flowers, a clock or small personal items all can find there way into a delightful composition.  Over the mantle is always an important place, usually calling for a large mirror, an oil painting or even a large scale engraving like an Audubon bird print.   

Antique fireplaces can be handsome additions to existing rooms even if they don't burn real wood and have a chimney.  There are gas, as well as ethanol units which look completely real when burning.  Here at Au Vieux Paris, we have in stock three wooden, three limestone, and four marble mantles.  Find following pictures of three of the mantles in stock, followed by photographs of antiques mantles installed in new situations all sourced from Au Vieux Paris.

Warm up your home and life for winter, and throughout the years to come, in the fireplace arena. A Bon Gout opportunity awaits!!!

Mes Amities,
Robert E. Smith

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