Friday, October 5, 2007

The stylistic periods of Louis XVI (1774 - 1793) and Directiore (1795 - 1799)

Bonjour and welcome to today's visit to l'Ecole du Bon Goût.  Today's subjects are the stylistic periods of Louis XVI (1774 - 1793) and Directiore (1795 - 1799).  There is a period called "Revolutionaire" (1793 - 1795) which did have specific forms of expression in the arts; however, the pieces are quite rare and the political period was so bloody, cataclysmic, and destructive to the arts, architecture, and human refinements in general that we just will not go there now.

Both the Louis XVI and Directiore periods can be described as returns to symmetry, straight lines, and classically inspired forms derived from "antique" sources, ancient Greece and Rome for example.  The excavations at Pompeii and Herculaneum provided many "new" inspirations for designers at this time.  Scholarly research had surmised that Classical antiquity had a far broader repertoire of architectural and decorative precedents to offer than had previously been dreamed of.  In fixed decoration, as well as movable, the Louis XVI style was not less elegant or graceful than the Louis XV mode that preceded it.  The difference lay in a more restrained and ordered form of expression which was in no way diminished in terms of luxury and attention to comfort.  The entire second floor of Au Vieux Paris Antiques is devoted to these two periods.  The clean lines, classic proportions, and rich materials utilized for their execution remain appealing to collectors and decorators today. 

Below, today’s photos begin with a nine picture montage of some of the Louis XVI and Directiore items available for purchase presently at Au Vieux Paris Antiques, followed by three photographs of a residence furnished in a mélange of the same two styles.  Photos by Mme Tina Freeman and courtesy of Southern Accents Magazine.

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