Friday, October 12, 2007

The stylistic periods of Consulate (1799-1804), Empire (1804-1815), Resturation (1815-1824), Charles X (1824-1830), and Louis Philippe (1830-1848)

Bonjour and welcome to today's visit to l'Ecole du Bon Goût.  Today's subjects are the stylistic periods of Consulate (1799-1804), Empire (1804-1815), Resturation (1815-1824), Charles X (1824-1830),   and Louis Philippe (1830-1848).  This may seem at first to be too many stylistic periods to group together, but take note the span of time is only 49 years which is less than the time elapsed during the reigns of Louis XIV (72 years) or Louis XV (51 years).

From Consulate through Louis Philippe, there is a continued dominance of inspirations from “antique” sources.  With Napoleon’s Egyptian “campaign” (think conquer and loot), “new” antique source material was available, digested, and re-invented in various new designs in fine art, moveable decoration, as well as the fixed décor of the architecture itself.  Some artisans, intoxicated by this romantic taste for helicon “days of long ago,” also rediscovered gothic as a source book for their new creations.  Characteristics which could be used to describe these periods would be: rich materials, gravity, nobility and architectural structuring.

In regard to furniture, whether it was the brilliantly flame grained dark mahogany of Empire or the paler woods of the Charles X period,  the use of dramatically grained, extra fine quality woods were the norm, not the exception.  Much of the expanded colonization of Louisiana took place during the time span of these periods so naturally these styles turn out to have been popular here in the period and therefore automatically
appealing and appropriate in size, scale, and taste for restorations and reuses of 19th century Louisiana homes today.

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